Ipsy Glam Bag, March 2017 Review.

It's all the rave! Ipsy is fun, affordable & mysterious. For $10 a month, which is automatically deducted from your card on the 1st of each month, you get a makeup bag filled with sample size (& maybe a full size product or 2) goodies! Come on ladies, spoil yourselves! I've found some amazing treasures… Continue reading Ipsy Glam Bag, March 2017 Review.


Anxiety, it’s a b!#%h.

Feeling like you aren't good enough, or like you'll never get out of where you are at in's vicious. Anxiety takes all of your worries, insecurities, doubts & magnifies them. Living with anxiety is challenging. It's a voice in your head saying you can't, you wont, you wont make it, you don't deserve it,… Continue reading Anxiety, it’s a b!#%h.


40 fun questions for your husband/wife.

Here is a fun list of questions to ask your husband/wife to get to know them a little better. Have fun! About them: If you could change your name to anything but the one you have now, what would you choose for yourself & why? If you could have 1 super human quality (be invisible,… Continue reading 40 fun questions for your husband/wife.


You are more.

We've all felt broken, defeated & helpless at times. Unfortunately, it's how life is. Without these troubles, we wouldn't be the people we are today. Life throws us curveballs so we can learn how to swing. It's what we do with our failures, imperfections, victories & hearts that molds us into the unique individuals we… Continue reading You are more.


Becoming mom.

As a young girl, I had hoped to have a family, become a teacher & enjoy life on a large piece of land with some farm animals. Well, needless to say only 1 of the 3 has come true so far. It's the most important goal of mine, having a family. & oh did I… Continue reading Becoming mom.


Oh, Sunday.

As I sit here tonight, enjoying my chamomile mint tea, I can't help but reflect just how beautiful this life really is. Yes, so what I usually work Sunday's, I had this Sunday off which was great! How did you spend your Sunday? What is something that is coming up soon that you are looking… Continue reading Oh, Sunday.

A letter to...

To my ex bestie…

I hope you are well. & I want you to know, that I miss some of our memories. We had some fun, we had some fights, but the memories are true. Always caught up in the moment & laughing like nothing could stop us. I miss that & sometimes, I just miss us. It's been… Continue reading To my ex bestie…