Falling off the wagon…

It's been a while since my last post. Many colds, some soccer games (& many practices in between), weddings, work, & exhaustion. Life has a funny way of passing us by. My husband & I reached our 1 year wedding anniversary in August. So lucky in love. He's amazing..(hard headed, but I love that about… Continue reading Falling off the wagon…


Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag Must Haves.

Packing a Labor & Delivery bag can be quite tricky, especially with the timing of it all. Never quite sure when to pack the bag? Here's how I managed to always be 1 step ahead of the game. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, my mind overflowed with those "What Ifs"...& with… Continue reading Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag Must Haves.


Happy Wife, Happy Life? I don’t think so.

I see it all the time, the saying "Happy wife, happy life." & while a lot of people think it's cute....I don't think so. I've heard many men say it...working in the auto parts business, I'm surrounded by men ALL day. I'll hear them say it...& it makes me want to shake my head. In… Continue reading Happy Wife, Happy Life? I don’t think so.


Bathroom Renovation: The Beginning.

4 weeks since my last post, one horrible head cold/sinus infection, & a bathroom remodel. All while working 45+ hours a week & attending the boys school functions. Phew! I'm ready for a vacation. Haha! As unplanned as the bathroom renovation was, I am so glad we decided to do so. Still more to do,… Continue reading Bathroom Renovation: The Beginning.


A walk through life with my best friend.

I've always heard that opposites attract. But, I just don't believe it. I am enjoying a walk through life with my best friend. My husband & I aren't opposites at all. We both love action movies, country & rock music, we both love out meat & vegetables. We are raising our children without a hitch… Continue reading A walk through life with my best friend.


Candy Free Easter Ideas.

As parents, we want our children to eat as good as they possibly can. So, why does Easter have to be any different? Here are some great & easy candy free Easter ideas! & they are fun too, which is a bonus!   Basket Filler Ideas for Smaller Children Book Movie Crackers/Puffs New Utensils New Outfit… Continue reading Candy Free Easter Ideas.


Labor & Delivery.

Nothing is longer than get so wrapped up in holding your beautiful baby, counting his or her fingers & toes, seeing their beautiful eyes, the way they smell. The thought of labor & delivery can be scary, nerve wracking, exciting & so many more different feelings. All labor & delivery stories are different, some… Continue reading Labor & Delivery.