Falling off the wagon…

It’s been a while since my last post. Many colds, some soccer games (& many practices in between), weddings, work, & exhaustion. Life has a funny way of passing us by. My husband & I reached our 1 year wedding anniversary in August. So lucky in love. He’s amazing..(hard headed, but I love that about him….sometimes. Haha!) We had a few folks ask us how our first year went..& we raised some eyebrows when we said that it’s been fine….because, I guess marriage changes everything? I’ve got no idea how…just over a year together, & I’m unsure how it’s supposed to have changed..haha!

Being a soccer mom has also been interesting. But I love watching my youngest run around & enjoy the game. Proud soccer momma right here! These kiddos sure have been busy. School & homework, playdates, & relaxing a bit.

I’ve also just recently taken up yoga as well. & honestly, I got started because I stumbled upon a friends instagram account, & saw a photo of her in bakasana, also known as crow pose. I saw her photo & decided I wanted to try it, but knew I’d have to practice for a while before I could ever achieve that. I showed my husband & said “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could do that? I want to try.” & his reply? “You can’t do that.” Which, sounds harsh, but he knows me so well, & knows that when someone says I can’t, I push myself until I can just to prove them wrong. Odd type of support, but he gets me…& loves that I am taking time for myself. So started my yoga journey. It’s only been 2 weeks, & this morning I decided I would try…& to my amazement, I lasted in bakasana for maybe 1½ seconds, but I DID IT!!! My feet left the ground, & I balanced on my hands. I did it….however short of a time it may have been, doesn’t mean anything. I believed in myself, & I did it…which, will only make me want to do better so I can hold it longer. Any progress is just that, progress.

That is all for today. Have a meeting with a teacher soon. Have a blessed day.



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