Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag Must Haves.

Packing a Labor & Delivery bag can be quite tricky, especially with the timing of it all. Never quite sure when to pack the bag? Here’s how I managed to always be 1 step ahead of the game.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, my mind overflowed with those “What Ifs”…& with that, grew my obsession to be prepared. It wasn’t until I knew the gender, when I packed my hospital bag…halfway through my pregnancy, I knew I was having a boy, but I also knew time was ticking. So in the days following my finding out I was having a boy, I also packed a small diaper bag of goodies I knew he would need..& yes, I changed many different products in the bag from when I  first packed, to when we actually needed it…but if anything arose, I had the bag with items for him, & some spare goodies for me just in case, & it was always in my car. Here was my list for my halfway bag that I had for a ‘just in case’:

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With my oldest son, I went into labor 3 months early, so having his diaper bag packed with goodies for him (the diapers & wipes, onesies & outfits & burp cloths) & some for me as well (change of clothes & phone charger), worked out well for our trip in to get evaluated. While I didn’t bring the bag in with me, it was there just in case. My labor was stopped & we were able to go home, only for me to be on strict bedrest. But once that happened, I packed our big bags. Here’s a list of the basic goodies I packed for our special day:


I packed my own outfit to wear while delivering my bundle, but if you are curious where to purchase your own personal birthing gown, visit this link. Because why where the same gown hundreds of other women have worn? I honestly wore a huge t-shirt/night gown when I had my loves.

Packing for my youngest was easy, but packing for my oldest proved to be challenging. I delivered my oldest, he was 8lbs 8oz & 21½ inches long. My youngest was 7lbs 6oz & 21½ inches long. Now, going through everything & getting closer to deliver for my oldest, I was told newborns are very tiny, so I was told to pack preemie clothes for him. So, I did….& ohh boy, haha. He was born requiring size newborn clothes. So, family had to go grab some clothes at the store down the road for him. For my youngest, I packed both preemie & newborn sized clothes. So, when packing a hospital bag, I’d pack a little bit of both just to be safe.

I hope these simple guides are helpful if you or someone you know is looking to get ready for labor & delivery.



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