Happy Wife, Happy Life? I don’t think so.

I see it all the time, the saying “Happy wife, happy life.” & while a lot of people think it’s cute….I don’t think so. I’ve heard many men say it…working in the auto parts business, I’m surrounded by men ALL day. I’ll hear them say it…& it makes me want to shake my head. In a relationship, a TRULY HAPPY relationship, BOTH husband & wife need to be happy, in order to have a happy life. If my husband isn’t happy but I am, that doesn’t make for a happy life…or the other way around, because in reality, it happens! People in relationships aren’t always in the same mood….it’s normal.

What isn’t normal, is people thinking just because the wife is happy, the husband is as well. You can’t just assume, or you can’t just play the card thinking “Well, if I’m happy he will be too.” No….just, no. That’s not how relationships work, & with that mindset, your relationship is already in jeopardy. I’ve asked a few people what the “Happy wife, happy life” saying means to them, & they all basically say the same thing…that she needs to be happy in order to have a happy life/home. It’s quite sad.

I’m no relationship guru, mine isn’t always peaches & cream. If I had to choose a few words to describe my marriage: safe, true, stubborn, strong, & happy. But it’s all of those things, because that is what we want, both of us. & we both work at it every single day. To be completely honest, it’s actually not even work. It’s just natural for us. But for those who actually think that just her feelings matter, I truly hope that someday you realize that you matter too….otherwise, your relationship is going to leave you feeling miserable, as I’ve heard it has with the folks I’ve talked to.

I’m not saying it’s like that with everyone who uses that saying….but I’ve seen it quite a bit, that it is. As far as “Happy Wife, Happy Life”, I don’t think so.

Happy Home, Happy Life.



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