Bathroom Renovation: The Beginning.

4 weeks since my last post, one horrible head cold/sinus infection, & a bathroom remodel. All while working 45+ hours a week & attending the boys school functions. Phew! I’m ready for a vacation. Haha! As unplanned as the bathroom renovation was, I am so glad we decided to do so. Still more to do, but it’s getting there!! Here is the progress so far.

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We all know bathrooms are not well ventilated, especially older homes. We purchased our first home 9 years ago, my husband was 20, I was 18 & our oldest son was 8 months old. We were so excited! It was our little paradise. Someone built it back in 1989 as a summer camp, so, it was kind of shlopped (yes, I made that up! Haha) together & called good. Our bathroom isn’t the best…we have our fan, & a window…but the window isn’t always open & well, not everyone turns the fan on when they shower. Which, resulted in some mold growth on the roof above the shower.

Concerned, I decided to do something about it. After looking, I realized the ceiling was painted (which, should’ve clicked in my head since the person who did it last, missed a few spots) & that the mold was just surface mold, so we didn’t have to replace the sheetrock. Cleaned the ceiling real good a few times with bleach/water mix & let dry, then decided to head to Lowes & get some semi loss (best for high moisture areas) white paint. After looking, I saw they had a mold & mildew resistant paint, so I jumped & got that! I read reviews on the brands ceiling paint & decided it wasn’t what I wanted, so I stuck with regular paint & didn’t have any color added….but, that also led to me painting the walls…& oh boy. It escalated from there.

So far we’ve purchased new trim, new toilet paper roll holder, towel holder, light fixture, medicine cabinet, caulking to seal up some area’s, this is quite the project! But…I am so very happy we are doing it! Here’s to hoping it’s finished by next weekend. If there is 1 thing I am glad my mama has taught me, it’s to be independent, & I surely do get that trait from her, & I am glad I did!

What’s a big project you’ve recently tackled, or thought of tackling?


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