A walk through life with my best friend.

I’ve always heard that opposites attract. But, I just don’t believe it. I am enjoying a walk through life with my best friend. My husband & I aren’t opposites at all. We both love action movies, country & rock music, we both love out meat & vegetables. We are raising our children without a hitch in how we want them to grow up or how we want to parent them, we enjoy hunting & fishing, & we all have a deep love for our country & our service members.

When I hear people say opposites attract, or anything of the sorts, it may ring true for some, but it doesn’t for all. Love is mysterious, it’s random, but it’s amazing. Rough patches are had,, but the good….ohhhh the good. When you find it, never let it go. I had a friend ask me once, what true happiness is like. It’s hard to explain. It’s a high unlike any other. It’s a smile that you can’t get rid of. It’s butterflies in your stomach all the time. It’s laughter, tears & a lot of fun.

Walking through life with your best friend can be difficult, but it’s so very rewarding as well. So many people do not find their true love, their soul mate, or their best friend. Sometimes they are our opposites, sometimes they can be so like us it’s scary, but to have that connection of true love is the most amazing gift of all. Cherish it, no matter how crazy it may seem at times.


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