Labor & Delivery.

Nothing is longer than pregnancy….you get so wrapped up in holding your beautiful baby, counting his or her fingers & toes, seeing their beautiful eyes, the way they smell. The thought of labor & delivery can be scary, nerve wracking, exciting & so many more different feelings. All labor & delivery stories are different, some may be alike, but no 2 are the same. Like tornadoes & waves, they all bring a little something different.

My due date was December 6th 2008. On October 3rd of that year, I experienced some bleeding & went to the ER, where they sent me to the Labor & Delivery unit. I was in pre-term labor, & officially scared. With all of today’s technology & resources, my labor was able to be stalled. Which, was a blessing but still left a lot of nervousness & questions. I was put on strict bed rest, & told to rest & relax. November 25th, 6am I woke up with cramping. I texted my mom & she told me to drink some water & lay back down. I tried that, then about 40 minutes later I had to pee. So while my brother was in the shower, I sat & waited. He got done, & came out so I turned to go into the bathroom, & my water broke right then at 6:50am. I yelled to my brother, he came out, saw the puddle & said “I hope to god that piss”. Haha!! I’ll never forget it. But, he was awesome & helped me so much. My biggest blessing through all the shit life has thrown at me has been him.

So, water is broken, contractions (that I thought were the cramps) are still coming & I decide to try laboring at home. I eat pineapple chunks, sit on a yoga ball & rotate my hips, drink water, walk, & all that fun stuff. I stayed home until I got annoyed with having to report when my contractions started & ended. I just wanted to relax, not have to say ‘Starting’ or ‘Ending’, I knew the hospital had those 2 straps & monitors they use to track heart beat & contractions, so I figured it’d be better overall, stress wise, to go into the hospital. 2pm & we headed into the hospital. I got hooked up to everything I needed to be hooked up to, & got some pain medicine, I was ready!

Straps, monitors, beeping, nurses in & out. It went by so quickly. Shortly after 6pm that evening, they came in, checked & I was ready! 45 minutes of pushing, at 6:57pm on November 25th, 2008, I met my little hero Tyler Everett. 8lbs 8oz, & 21½ inches long, 10 fingers, 10 toes, crying & perfect. He was so handsome, so innocent, so breathtaking. He is now 8½ years old, he enjoys hunting, video games, legos, cooking, fishing, hiking & riding his bike. Still, my little hero.

2010, we find out we are expecting another beautiful little blessing. With the usual excitement, it also brought nervousness, knowing I am high risk due to my preterm labor experience with Mr. Everett. This pregnancy I rested more, well, as much as I could with a toddler running around. Oh but was Mr. Everett so very excited! My due date was November 3rd, 2010. I know I know….what is it with me & November babies?! Haha!! Well, November 3rd comes, no sign of baby wanting to come. I go into the Dr’s office that morning, & we decide that since I was high risk, we are going to schedule me to be induced. November 5th, 2010, I was going to meet my baby boy.

I was supposed to be at the hospital at 8am. I wake up at 2am that morning with cramping…”Oh honey, it’s time!” We hang around at home until about 5am, then head in. We stop at Dunkin Donuts because I wanted a hot cocoa, but as soon as I got into the hospital they took it from me saying I couldn’t have it…ohhhh talk about a mad mama! Haha. By 8am, the dr comes in, breaks my water & keep me on the monitors. I rest a little bit, no medication so each contraction woke me a bit. 11am comes along, I tell hubby “Uhoh, I’ve gotta poop!” (We’re all moms here, no judging, haha!) & once the nurse comes in I tell her as well. She grabs gloves, checks me & says “Oh no, you’re having a baby, he’s right there!” I shook my head & said “No, I’m going to the bathroom”, she laughed & said “No you aren’t.”

Seconds seemed like hours. It was about 15 past 11am that morning & I was ready to have him! The Dr was in the office across the street, so they called her over. During that time I crossed my legs in hopes that for some odd reason, it would help. About 5 minutes go by, which seemed like eternity. The Dr walks into the room, squirts some of that hand cleanser on her hands, grabs gloves, walk over & sits in her chair to put her gloves on, at which point I uncross my legs & out he comes! I didn’t even push. He was perfect, 7lbs 6oz, 21½ inches long, 10 fingers & toes, handsome, healthy & mine. My husband cut the cord & went over to see him.

Little did we know just how serious a quick birth like that could be. I had lost so much blood so quickly, the nurses told my husband to be ready, tell me he loves me, & to pray, because with as much blood as I was losing, they didn’t think I was going to make it. My body went into shock, his mind went into panic mode, & we both just looked at each other. Tears rolling down his face due to the excitement of meeting our baby, turned into tears of sadness because we didn’t know if I was going to live. Somehow though, my body fought, like it always does, & won. I couldn’t hold my darling Kevin Albert the first 24 hours of his life, couldn’t feed him, change him, nothing. No skin to skin with his mama for the first 24 hours of his life.

Labor & Delivery. It’s different for everyone. It’s always a beautiful time, even through all the swearing, pain & bodily fluids. It’s always worth it. Children have a funny way of making us go insane, while we learn what true love is all about. My Kev-Munster is now 6½, enjoys snuggles with mama, soccer, riding his bike, swimming, video games, legos, & he loves his older brother.

Life is a blessing.


One thought on “Labor & Delivery.

  1. I love hearing birth stories 😊 It’s such a beautiful miracle to bring a person into the world. My oldest was born Oct 2010, so just before your youngest! 😄


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