Anxiety, it’s a b!#%h.

Feeling like you aren’t good enough, or like you’ll never get out of where you are at in life…it’s vicious. Anxiety takes all of your worries, insecurities, doubts & magnifies them. Living with anxiety is challenging. It’s a voice in your head saying you can’t, you wont, you wont make it, you don’t deserve it, you’ll just fail, & so on. Half  the time, you don’t try at all, thinking the voice in your head is right. Then half the time you fight the voice & try anyways, still hearing it, you wonder if it’s your motivation to keep going, or if it’s warning you of doom yet to come.

I’ve had anxiety, severe depression & bipolar for quite some time. It’s not easy, but it is manageable. I still have rough days, believe me I do, but I also have very good day as well. What works for some, wont work for all, & that is ok! We are all wired differently, & that is a good thing. It means as we find how we can help ourselves, we can better help others who may need the same help we do. For me, I am unsure how I manage my anxiety & depression. It probably has something to do with my Zeal, but I also believe one day just over a year ago, after leaving a toxic friend, I just changed. Our life becomes what we surround ourselves with. Choose positive thoughts, love & happiness. You can overcome anything. Next time anxiety is getting the best of you, just smile & say bring it…you may be surprised how well you get through it. You can conquer anything you set your mind to.


5 thoughts on “Anxiety, it’s a b!#%h.

    1. I agree 100%. I used to let it all get to me, but now I own it all. It was a change I didn’t plan on, but just sorta happened. Anxiety & Depression are extremely hard to live with…but we are given our lives because we are strong enough to live them.


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