Becoming mom.

As a young girl, I had hoped to have a family, become a teacher & enjoy life on a large piece of land with some farm animals. Well, needless to say only 1 of the 3 has come true so far. It’s the most important goal of mine, having a family. & oh did I exceed my expectations on that!! 2 handsome fella’s, raising them alongside my wonderful husband, what a team we are! I’ll reach my 3rd goal, of having a farm, a little later in life. & I love my career in the auto parts industry, so I’ll be happy to stay where I am instead of becoming a teacher. But my little people, they are the best teachers, so, it kind of hits all 3, right?! 😉

If becoming a mom has taught me anything, it’s not patience, it’s not how to care for another’s the unquestionable love. It’s the look in their eye’s as you all have a pillow fight, it’s going on a trip they’ve been bugging you for so long about, it’s the laugh they let out as you are all having a tickle/wrestle match in the middle of the living room floor, it’s the mess in the house, the insanity….it’s beautiful. It’s not always a glorious job. We deal with a lot of shit (literally), we get vomited on, we get peed on, we spend nights on end up with them all night as they have a high fever & we are too nervous to sleep.

If anyone asked me what is my greatest achievement, I’d simply smile, because it would be my family. It would be the late nights followed by early mornings. The sicknesses we’d all fight through together. It would be the poopy finger-painting all over their bedroom. Their faces as we got a puppy. The squeals in their voices & tears in their eyes each time their Uncle came home safe from the Marine Corps. The good, the bad, the ugly.

My greatest achievement? Becoming mom.


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