Oh, Sunday.

As I sit here tonight, enjoying my chamomile mint tea, I can’t help but reflect just how beautiful this life really is. Yes, so what I usually work Sunday’s, I had this Sunday off which was great! How did you spend your Sunday? What is something that is coming up soon that you are looking forward to?

There is only 1 thing I would’ve changed, & that would be to have healthy kiddos. Both my babes are sick. My oldest has been sick since Wednesday, my youngest woke up sick this morning, & my dog just got sick a short while ago. Whatever has hit this house, is being fought back hard. I’ve spent my day washing everything, doing laundry, washing bedding, & disinfecting everything. I’m determined to get these kids back to their normal, energetic selves. Their school is hosting a mother/sons dance this Friday night, I hope to attend with both boys as they have been excited to go.

I have a few works in progress for this weeks blog posts, & I look forward to sharing with you! I hope you’ve had a great weekend & will have a great week to follow.


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