Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Scrub Review.

Facial cleanser after facial cleanser. I have come across a few that I truly like & would purchase again. Walking through the grocery store, starting at all the neat labels & trying to make my choice…I chose the Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub.

As most products of this nature do, it gives a small description of the product on the front (which I didn’t read until AFTER I put it on in the shower). Haha!! They wrote “energizing exfoliators tingly cool lather”, & it was after I read this that I realized why my face felt so alive.

I’ve used other Neutrogena facial cleansers before, they’ve all left my face feeling great, but this one…oh me, oh my. I am in love!! You apply a small amount to fingertips, wet a little bit & apply to your face. The ‘tingly cool’ feeling will then start, & it feels great! I felt that it woke me up a bit, & smelled great.

I am so happy to have given this product a try! It will definitely be a must grab during my shopping trips. If you like softer feeling skin, having a facial cleanser that awakens your senses & smells great, & feel better knowing you are using a trusted brand, this facial cleanser is the product for you! I already cannot wait to wash my face again tomorrow. Haha!

When it’s all said & done, I’d recommend this product. I usually have sensitive skin & really dry skin. I applied my usual moisturizer after my shower, but this cleanser has left my skin feeling great for hours! It’s a good product to add to your beauty routine/morning routine. Have you used it yet? If so, what was your opinion on this product? I love it.

**Please note: This blog post is in no way sponsored by any company. I wrote this post on my personal experience with the product, with no compensation in any form.


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