10 random facts about me.

What better way to get to know me, then some fun, random facts?

1-I love sleeping. I think my spirit animal is one that hibernates 24/7/365. Nothing is better than being snuggled in bed with the kiddos in the middle, hubby on one side, & the dog at our feet.

2-I enjoy driving. It’s calming (unless it’s snowing out). Turn on the radio, roll down the windows, & relax.

3-Sunflowers are my favorite flower. They are so beautiful. Big, bright, bold & just unique.

4-Spiders are my biggest fear…I’ve had too many crawling on me for me to like them! Haha. & they are ugly…but their webs are beautiful.

5-I secretly wish I could have a baby girl…I’ve got my 2 amazing boys, but sometimes I wish I could have a 3rd baby & she be a girl. Unfortunately my body couldn’t withstand another pregnancy & deliver.

6-I am working very hard to be able to have my own farm. Educating myself, research, & looking at precious pictures of cute cows. I miss having cows but look forward to the day I can buy a piece of property to be able to have my own.

7-Lightning & thunder storms are very calming. Sleeping with the windows open in the summer, during a thunder & lightning storm. It’s so peaceful.

8-Country roots run deep. I love my country music, old soul & traditional values. Raising my boys with the same is important to me.

9-I only did 2 years of high school. I wasn’t ever the best student. I gave up on everything when I was younger due to all I had endured during my parents extremely nasty divorce. It’s not reason, but being told I can’t, & I wont…kind of made me to believe I never will, so I just gave up & failed. My sophomore year in high school I realized I wasn’t going to graduate on time, so I switched to a private school. The private schools top level of highschool classes were equivalent to middle schools easy level classes. So I learned nothing new the last 2 years. But I did graduate on time. Oh how I wish I was more determined all through school.

10-I love to sing…I might not be all too good at it, but I surely do love to do it. I just find it awkward to sing in front of my husband, therefore, I don’t. Not sure why, haha. But 9 years together & I have yet to sing in front of him.


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