Hello world.

In the middle of this beautifully, chaotic life, I’ve come to start my little ‘slice of paradise’. Why blogging? Well, I’m not crafty that’s for sure! I’ve tried crocheting & knitting, can’t understand how to do it for the life of me. Sewing hurts to sit too long, & well…writing is fun for me. So why not?

Everyone loves grabbing a hot cup of cocoa, coffee or cappuccino & reading something, while curled up under a warm blanket in sweatpants & thick socks. I know I do! đŸ˜‰

What’s your favorite activity? What brought you to it & keeps you interested?

For me, writing is freeing. It’s a way to express my thoughts & meet new people. Here’s to friendships & many blog posts. I wont keep this one long. Being a full time working mama, I’m exhausted & need to get these boys ready for school, after a weeks vacation…the joys! But, welcome to my slice of paradise, & I hope we can connect soon.


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